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PAGAN: n. One who is not a Christian, Muslim, or Jew. Generally, a follower of a polytheistic or nature-based religion.
WISDOM: n. The ability to apply knowledge and experience in a situation to achieve the best possible result.

This site is devoted to the exploration of concepts related to paganism, wicca, new age and old age religions, spirituality and life in general. This site is designed to provide the teachers and students of the community with FREE original and useful resources that they can use in their own classes and personal work.

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Most Popular Articles:

  • The Living Rede - A poem designed to provide life's most important spiritual lessons in a single page.

  • Ritual Creation Worksheet (RCW) - A convenient worksheet you can use to design your own rituals and make sure you aren't forgetting anything.

  • Ishta Devata: "Chosen Deity" - One of the main questions that I am continually asked is, "How do I find a god, goddess or both that is right for me?" My answer to this question has always been the same...

  • Why My Religion is Right and Yours is Wrong - or The Flawed Logic of "The One True Path". Ever have someone tell you that your beliefs are WRONG, and that theirs (coincidentally) are RIGHT? Here's a handy guide to all the reasons that their opinion doesn't matter any more than your does.

  • How To Create Your Own Religion In Ten Easy Steps - A funny and satirical (but eerily accurate) guide to designing the belief structure of a new religion. Featuring The Great God Lardicus and The Gentle Goddess Dietima.

  • Managing Personal Involvement - When you devote your life to helping others, it is easy to find yourself lost in a sea of people wanting your time and attention. While this can initially be empowering and fulfilling, you can quickly find yourself being drained of all your energy as people progressively demand more and more from you. This workshop is designed to provide you with some tools to better determine where your efforts should be spent, and how to regain and maintain control over your own sanity, time and other valuable resources.

Latest Articles:

  • Exploring Relationships - This is the handout for a workshop I gave on Exploring Relationships. The goal was to provide people with a realistic and objective map of the relationships in their lives. It also provides a variety of new ways of looking at your relationships in composite, as opposed to "one at a time" which may help people to realize just how full their lives are, as well as finding areas to which they may wish to pay more attention.

  • Dysfunction, Misfunction and Function - I was just reading a post about someone complaining about their dysfunctional behavior and it the implication of judgement and failure subtly buried in the word "dysfunction" just screamed out at me. We spend so much of our time beating ourselves up over our perceived failures and end up just making ourselves feel worse, when what we should be doing is wondering over our amazing abilities to ensure our own survival. To take this person (who I will simply call "you") is as an example, she was complaining about all her dysfunctional views of her self. There is a faulty premise here that this is DYSFUNCTION. It is not. It is, in fact, a perfectly reasonable method and level of functionality based on the experience and environment that you were enveloped within...

  • The Forgiveness Meme - For those of you who enjoy "memes" in your journals, blogs and emails, here is one to help you let go of current guilt for past actions...

  • Ritual Maladies and Psychic Triage - The more powerful your rituals become, and the more frequently you work with people new to their paths, the more likely you are experience a variety of “ritual maladies”. A ritual malady is when people react to what’s happening in unexpected and sometimes dramatic ways. When this happens, what do you do? This is an exploration of various things that can go wrong spiritually, energetically, psychically and physically in ritual and discusses techniques you can use to counter them. You are invited to contribute your own experiences, stories of how things went wrong and what was done to fix them. This material is especially recommended for those in "protector" roles in rituals such as warders, lifeguards, summoners, guardians and similarly-named positions.

  • Controlling Your Energy - It is very important, both when working with magic as well as in mundane life, that you have an awareness of your personal energy and how it affects your body and mind. This discusses various techniques for managing your personal energy and “remaining present” in ritual and magic.

  • Anatomy of Personal Conflict - Most conflicts involve the following key points: Intention, Action, Effect, Reaction and Response. Here are some methods for examining these points and figuring out what went wrong, and how to fix it.

  • Crafting Effective Ritual - Many people learn to perform rituals in a variety of ways. Usually this involves discussing the structure and the mechanics of the ritual, who does what, where and when, and leaves off the most important part: HOW. ... Here are some of the factors that can transform good ritual into great ritual.

  • Structured Teaching Techniques - The Ritual Creation Worksheet and The Living Rede - Structured teaching techniques provide a standard format for sharing information. Properly structured, the format itself is useful in teaching and reinforcing lessons even without instructor involvement. This workshop presents two methods of standardized teaching, the Ritual Creation Worksheet (RCW) and The Living Rede.

  • Diviniverse: The Divine Universe - Over the years, I have attempted to explain my perception of Divinity and how it relates to the Universe we experience around us. My basic premise is that the Divine and the Universe are the same thing...

  • Intuition Workshop - This is the handout from my class on Intuition, how it works, and how to get in touch with it. It guides you through the basics of what Intuition is, how and why it works, and how people attempt to get you to ignore it through cataloging a variety of manipulation techniques.

  • A Framework for Inner Peace - Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do people die when they are still needed? Why is there suffering in the world? Here are the answers that I've found. Hopefully they may help you as well.

  • Defending the Fluffy Bunny - One of the things that I'm trying to figure out is how to keep us from becoming what we hate: judgmental and holier-than-thou. I realized that I have been guilty of this in my own right in my desire to squish flat the "fluffy bunnies"...

  • Gallagher's Hierarchy of Life - It is often said that Self-Preservation is the strongest instinct in nature. I don't agree. Self-preservation is one of the strongest instincts, but it can be (and regularly is) overruled by the preservation of life other than the Self...

  • A New Idea: The Most Powerful Force in Nature - Look through the history of man and science and medicine and, well, anywhere and you'll see the power of a new idea and its ability to change the world. Here's how they do it...

  • Handfasting vs. Marriage - The concept of Handfasting is common among those of a pagan flavor. Many people consider this to be just a fancy renaissance word for Marriage. It is not...

  • Mundane Magic: Counting Above Ten on Your Fingers - Just in case you were ever silly enough to think that Ten was the highest number you could count to using only your fingers, you are wrong...

  • How to Lie With Numbers - If you've ever wondered how people use numbers to express the world in the way they want it seen, these two books are incredibly good at explaining how they do it, and how you can do it too! (No fair them having all the fun!)

  • Why People Fall for Jerks - I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out why Jerk = Power in peoples' minds so much of the time. The reason I came up with is this...

  • Magic Circles - Pros & Cons - A short listing of the benefits and liabilities of working with and within a magic circle.

  • Mundane Magic: Safely De-Carbonate your Soda - I don't like a lot of carbonation in my soft drinks. Here's my method for removing just the right amount of carbonation without squirting it all over the room.

  • As a Teacher - The lessons, rules, responsibilities and freedoms of choosing this Path of Service

  • Teaching How To Learn - It has always bothered me that nobody in school ever really teaches people how to LEARN. They TEACH them things, but that doesn't mean that anything is LEARNED beyond the scope of the next test. This is my attempt to remedy that critical failure in most peoples' educational background.

  • Relationship Math - In the perfect relationship, 1+1=3. In other words, two people come together and create something more than the sum of their parts... To complete the math analogy, here are some of the most common equations...

  • Doing Nothing - An important thing that people often forget to do is to "do nothing". It is assumed that by "doing nothing" you are not doing anything. But you are...

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